Be Involved 

There are four key ways you can jump in and be involved as we take this big step together! You can participate in our Read Through The Bible event, sign up for Serve Day, take a next step in our Growth Track, and find a place to serve on our Dream Team. How will you be involved? 

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Serve Day

Serve Day is an amazing opportunity to serve our city and families in need. Thousands of Milestone volunteers will join together to serve our community and make an impact! 


Growth Track

Our Growth Track is a great first step to connect with the people and mission of Milestone Church. This simple, convenient process will help you grow in your faith, learn about the values of the church, and make friends with others who are new to our environment.

Dream Team

The Dream Team is the name we give all of our amazing volunteers and leaders who serve in any capacity in our church and in our community. 

We're excited that you want to find your place to serve and make a difference in the lives of others! To find your unique place on the Dream Team, click the "learn more" button below.